Merplast was founded at 2005 by Marko and Minna Parviainen. We found out that companies are spending lot’s of time and effort to take care about their first aid equipment and training. 135 000 accidents happens at workplaces annually. Having first aid equipment and trained people is obligated by law, but what you should buy and where you can obtain good equipment?

The company was started from garage, but from the beginning we had vision about a company which can serve its customers with it’s own brand all around the country and does everything more efficient than it’s competitors (eg. by using IT -systems and the best possible sales people). First two – three years was planning and pilot marketing, but after it we got quite rapid start and company started to expand.

Today we have a office in Kuopio and total of 20 employees:

7 person own call-center which contacts our customers all around the country and a customer relationship management (CRM) software which includes around 140 000 companies and all necessary data regarding our 20 000 existing customer
4 person back office support including managing director, financial manager, sales secretary and customer coordinator
9 person sales team which covers whole country (Finland)

“Our vision is to be the most significant Nordic player in first aid at work.”


We help our customers to maintain their occupational health and safety equipment and meet the regulations regarding first aid at work. With our business model, it-systems which supports our business model and because of our creative products customers can save expenses and time.

We serve our customers with wide range of products and services and the core of our offering is our own Merplast -branded products. During year 2015 we will introduce a new Merplast First Aid Station to our customers in Finland and later on other countries aswell.

Our revenue has grown from 0,177 million euros (2007) to 2,2 million euros (2014) and our plan is to reach 4,0 million euros with organic growth at year 2017. We believe that we have a good, stable customer base to build new business on. During following years we can expand our business by acquisitons to achieve faster growth.

“The best feedback is when we hear that someone’s life has been saved with our solutions.”


Today we have around 20 000 customers all around the country. We believe in personal contact. This year our sales people has done around 6 200 customer visits and demonstrated our solutions to the customers.

​Companies. We serve companies from small one man company to a large multinational corporations. We offer different kind of services and products to our customers, but usually company customers are interested about lowering their variable costs regarding occupational health and safety costs.

With our business model we can offer high quality products, training and maintenance for these areas. We have sophisticated IT -systems to keep customer up to date. Most of our business are done by consultancy visits but we also receive continous revenue from our existing customers. Depending on customer size they usually buy in 3 months – 2 year cycle.

We are market leader eg. in AED (lay person automated external defibrillator) business in Finland. Fiscal year 2014 it generated revenues of 650 000€ and we expect that business to grow 35-50% annually. Click here to see our references.

Public sector (military, police, emergency services). We offer products which are efficient and affects on patient safety and survival. We have secured exclusive agreements on several products which we offer to this sector.

The product line includes haemostats for life threatening bleeding and other medical supplies which represents latest technology in patient treatment. Some specific products in this category are used widely in different university hospitals. Some products in this category has market leader position (eg. Celox haemostat).
We see interesting business opportunities by expanding our current products and services to the new markets and by offering new solutions to our current customers. We are looking for investments to achieve faster growth rate.

Competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage:

    Broad geographic reach in Finland. Our sales force covers whole country. We can offer solutions to our customers all around the country.
    Business model. We have unique business model to serve our customers. We combine our resources at sales, own call center and sophisticated IT -systems to create value to our customers. With over 20 000 customers we have great amount of knowledge how we can improve our customers safety.
    Strong B2B sales channel. The whole sales organization is employeed by Merplast. When we create new solutions, we can run a pilot marketing project quickly and receive feedback from our customers. The capability to do pilot sales with our own sales organization helps us to commercialize products to the market.
    Customer data management. We have a data of about 140 000 customers at our CRM. We know exactly when to serve our customers!
    New product development. The industry is quite old fashioned. We stay tuned and offer new products to the market every year. Our new product development is not a risky business – we do not manufacture by ourself, but we work as manufacturer.